What’s the RDA for vitamin D?

The RDA table for vitamin D is printed below:

  • Infants 6-12 months: 10 micrograms p/day
  • Children 1-13 years: 15 micrograms p/day
  • Teenagers 14-18 years: 15 micrograms p/day
  • Adults 19-70 years: 15 micrograms p/day
  • Adults above 70 years: 20 micrograms p/day
  • Pregnant and lactating women: 15 micrograms p/day

If you are taking vitamin D products then check out http://www.vitamindsupplements.co.uk for some of the best prices, even though many advice that this is not enough I really think its best to stick with the RDA’s because overdosing on a certain vitamin can still produce very bad side effects, even if it doesn’t you are often just creating a deficiency in another vitamin or mineral, you must remember that the body needs to regulate all levels and remain balanced to make sure it stays healthy.