Can you beat depression using vitamins?

There are many alternative treatments available for depression these days, however before starting on any supplement routine you really need to take a trip to the doctor so you can be properly diagnosed and treated, you may not have depression so it’s important to receive an official diagnosis before you start.

There are many vitamins that can help with depression, some of these are Vitamin D, fish oil (omega 3), lithium, vitamin C and the B Vitamins, these can all help to treat depression as well as some of the lesser known vitamins below:








As you can see there are many things you can test out to see if they improve your depression symptoms, it’s best to get these in food based form so there’s little risk of overdose and always consult your doctor before making any lifestyle changes.


What are some signs of low vitamin status?

There are many signs of low vitamin status, vitamin B12 being a great example of a common deficiency that is usually under diagnosed, since there are many issues with blood tests it’s best to check out the symptoms and see if there are any you can relate to and then purchase the supplements from somewhere like Holland & Barrett or other high street stores like boots, however boots have quite a limited selection in my opinion so H&B is the best for in store products.

There are many great internet websites where you can find alot more information on vitamin issues, one of my personal favourites is which has alot of different pages about vitamins and minerals.

Another common vitamin issue is usually vitamin D, here’s a link to the page where you can watch a video all about low vitamin D signs.